To make life simpler, to ease your burden, to assist you in planning ahead and staying in control – our comprehensive range of taxation services can help you achieve all this, and much more.

- CORPORATE TAXATION - whether calculating corporation tax payable on profits and agreeing the liability with the Inland Revenue, or advising on the tax consequences of mergers and acquisitions, our professional team of tax specialists will offer you the best advice.

- PERSONAL TAXATION - designed to minimise liabilities while ensuring compliance for income tax, capital gains tax, National Insurance and PAYE, our services cover individuals living or working in the UK.

Our tax specialists will advise on all aspects of personal taxation, whilst our Financial Services Department can help to plan your affairs to minimise tax liabilities and realise your financial goals.

- INHERITANCE TAX - never too soon to start planning, our tax and financial services specialists will guide and advise on ways to minimise or avoid this tax. We’ll help you plan your estate as you move through the various stages of your life so that you do the right thing at the right time for the right people. Working closely with lawyers.

- VALUE ADDED TAX - the most complicated and often dangerously ignored tax, we’ll take the burden off your business shoulders. We’ll advise, plan and act on everything from knowing when to register, planning transactions, when and on what VAT is payable, organising and completing quarterly returns etc. In fact, our specialists are ready to advise on the correct treatment of VAT in a whole host of circumstances.


Not just! a set of accounts and a signature on the audit report,Audit Services can recommend a truly comprehensive insight into the successful running of a business.

Conducted with genuine commitment to quality service as well as legal and financial reporting standards, auditing dovetails neatly with virtually every business service we provide.

Whether this involves Statutory Audits or Internal Audits, which are often required by larger organisations, or Voluntary Audits, to provide assurances to reassure yourself that the necessary financial disciplines are in place, the whole process of auditing has several other major benefits, including:

- Resolving Problems - by analysing, for example, gross and net profit margins, debt collection, credit control procedures, liquidity ratios, stock ratios etc. we are able to help you maximise profits.

- Providing Business Intelligence – gained by an in-depth knowledge of all key areas of your business, such as sales order processing, invoicing procedures and accounting systems, and based upon real, practical knowledge of your data.

- Improved Business Potential – through analytical review, reports and recommendations.

- Comparative Reviews – of your business within the marketplace and within the industry or sector in which you are operating.

All of which leads, of course to building an overall business strategy, adding up, we believe, to added value where it matters.

Corporate Finance

First, foremost and ultimately, Corporate Finance Services are here to maximise your business potential and business strategy.

We’ll do it by supplying the professional team you need. A team that will personally and professionally meet all your needs. A team, should you require it, of accountants, bankers, investment managers, management consultants, lawyers and venture capitalists. And a team with the full expertise and the vital contacts to stay with you - all the way from identifying your needs and planning your business strategy to doing the deal.

- Business and Strategic Planning –  to identify, for example, growth areas, business performance, competitiveness, market intelligence and market opportunities, immediate and future financial needs, developing "living" business plans etc.

- Raising Finance –  for a myriad of identified needs, including developing new products or services, acquisitions, business start-ups, assisting organic growth….Whatever your need we will identify the best financial options and the best financing sources to meet your particular criteria in your specific business environment.

- Selling/Buying a Business – strategic planning and advice to maximise business efficiency and, ultimately, sale/purchase price. Prior to selling/buying we will review your business and assist you to ensure you are able to maximise its potential.

Business Planning

First hand strategic business advice is delivered by a professional s whose role is to understand your business, your marketplace, your goals and help you identify the best route to realising your full commercial potential. Business strategy, business planning – key phrases in starting, growing and maintaining a successful business. Through, for example:

- Business Plans – where we will help you devise the right plan to match your specific needs, whether for a new business or for further investment in an existing one. Essential to clarifying objectives, usually vital to securing funding from lending institutions, we will work with you to create a "living" plan that adapts to meet changing circumstances and takes advantage of emerging opportunities.

- Business Finance – do you need to borrow, and when? Should it be a loan or an overdraft, or both? What about hire purchase to buy machinery or perhaps equipment is best leased? Possibly a loan guarantee scheme would be ideal at this time? And over what periods should you borrow, and what on terms to best suit your planned business demands?

We have the answers because we have the experience – and all the right contacts in all the right places.

- Cash Flow – because, as every businessman knows, Cash is King. We can help you stay in control with regular cash flow forecasts. We’ll analyse business performance on a detailed monthly, quarterly, annual basis, help you understand what cash resources you have, how to utilise them and how to prevent unnecessary extra borrowing. In short, we’ll help save you money.

- Budgeting – nalong with cash flow forecasts, we’ll work with you to supply budget plans on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Plans that work at the detail and help iron out the trading troughs from the peaks, tidily synchronise such things as income and payment patterns and maximise business performance.


Not surprisingly, outsourcing as the most efficient and cost effective way of running the accounts and bookkeeping operations.

Our service will enable you to cut overheads, remove employment burdens, identify specific work schedules which will be completed by fully trained professionals. This will mean that you can save time and money to allow you to maximise your business. In short, no baggage. It’s a great deal. We can….

PROVIDE you with internal bookkeeping either at our offices or your premises.

RUN your accounts department with our team of trained professionals – everything from payroll, banking, cheque payments, sales invoice generation, data entry, reports, management figures, etc.

SUPPLY cover in emergencies – when staff are absent or there’s a work overload.

ASSIST you in making important strategic decisions by meeting you on a regular basis to overview your business, its performance and its future strategy

OFFER this service at a fixed price – so you can more easily judge the cost/benefit and concentrate resources on making money and business growth.

Management Consultancy

Strategic Planning – Tactical Advice – Maximising Wealth – Professional Service
It’s Everything We Do

We understand your business, your markets, your industry or commercialsector – and we are therefore able to solve problems, create solutions, unearth opportunities, maximise potential.

It’s what we’re good at. Everything, in fact, from:

IDENTIFYING your goals and how to achieve them

PLANNING your strategy across every aspect of your business and financial operations

RAISING FINANCE from the optimum source at competitive rates and at the right time to enable your business to grow and prosper.

DESIGNING systems, programmes, packages to meet your identified needs

COMMUNICATING at every level to ensure opportunities are not missed

DEVELOPING your potential

MAXIMISING business growth, sales and profits

SAVING you time so you can better utilise resources

BUILDING platforms to realise your ambitions