Strong information security policies and standards guide an organisation towards a robust security posture and demonstrate management’s commitment towards information security.

Whether you like to develop information security policy for ISO27001 certification or to document and regulate IT and security processes – we can support your organisation at accomplishing the task. Our methodology, which considers acknowledged international standards (e.g.: ISO27001, COBIT, etc.) helps developing such information security policies, and supporting procedures, which establish an advanced documentation background for information security. The documentation system developed is in conformity with the mentioned international standards, recommendations and legal requirements, considers the practice established at the Company, and develops procedures that are practice orientated and easily implementable.

We can also review your existing IT and information security policies and procedures to assess their quality and up-to-date content. We examine whether the policies meet the requirements of relevant international standards and guidelines, as well as laws and regulations. Further we check if these are in-line with the current practice of the company.

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