Without robust business continuity planning many organisations will not be sufficiently prepared to respond to incidents that threaten their business's continuity. Losing critical systems, processes, or data in a security breach could result in sever financial and reputational loss.

A business continuity plan is an enterprise-wide group of processes and instructions to ensure the continuation of business processes – including, but not limited to, Information Technology - in the event of an interruption. It provides the plans for the enterprise to recover from minor incidents (e.g., localised disruptions of business components) to major disruptions (e.g., fire, natural disasters, extended power failures, equipment and/or telecommunications failure).

We helpenterprises identify and manage disruption risks and reducetheir vulnerability to a wide range of potentially destructive events– from application outages to devastating disasters.

These services cover the broad spectrum of the continuity /contingency management discipline. The overriding goal ofBCM is to help an organisation resume critical operations as smoothly as possible following an interruption within an acceptable time frame and cost level.

Our expert methodology for business continuity planning service will ensure that:

  • Risks are appropriately identified and evaluated by focusing on the impact of known and potential risks on business processes
  • The costs of implementing and managing continuity assurance are less than the expected losses and within management’s risk tolerance
  • The business priorities are addressed: critical applications, interim processes, restoration activities and mandated deadlines
  • Manual interfaces to automated processes are identified, personnel are trained and practice drills are conducted
  • Expectations are managed with realistic goals

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