First, foremost and ultimately, Corporate Finance Services are here to maximise your business potential and business strategy.

We’ll do it by supplying the professional team you need. A team that will personally and professionally meet all your needs. A team, should you require it, of accountants, bankers, investment managers, management consultants, lawyers and venture capitalists. And a team with the full expertise and the vital contacts to stay with you - all the way from identifying your needs and planning your business strategy to doing the deal.

Business and Strategic Planning –  to identify, for example, growth areas, business performance, competitiveness, market intelligence and market opportunities, immediate and future financial needs, developing "living" business plans etc.

Raising Finance –  for a myriad of identified needs, including developing new products or services, acquisitions, business start-ups, assisting organic growth….Whatever your need we will identify the best financial options and the best financing sources to meet your particular criteria in your specific business environment.

Selling/Buying a Business – strategic planning and advice to maximise business efficiency and, ultimately, sale/purchase price. Prior to selling/buying we will review your business and assist you to ensure you are able to maximise its potential.