First hand strategic business advice is delivered by a professional s whose role is to understand your business, your marketplace, your goals and help you identify the best route to realising your full commercial potential. Business strategy, business planning – key phrases in starting, growing and maintaining a successful business. Through, for example:

Business Plans – Where we will help you devise the right plan to match your specific needs, whether for a new business or for further investment in an existing one. Essential to clarifying objectives, usually vital to securing funding from lending institutions, we will work with you to create a "living" plan that adapts to meet changing circumstances and takes advantage of emerging opportunities.

Business Finance – Do you need to borrow, and when? Should it be a loan or an overdraft, or both? What about hire purchase to buy machinery or perhaps equipment is best leased? Possibly a loan guarantee scheme would be ideal at this time? And over what periods should you borrow, and what on terms to best suit your planned business demands?

We have the answers because we have the experience – and all the right contacts in all the right places.

Cash Flow – Because, as every businessman knows, Cash is King. We can help you stay in control with regular cash flow forecasts. We’ll analyse business performance on a detailed monthly, quarterly, annual basis, help you understand what cash resources you have, how to utilise them and how to prevent unnecessary extra borrowing. In short, we’ll help save you money.

Budgeting – Along with cash flow forecasts, we’ll work with you to supply budget plans on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Plans that work at the detail and help iron out the trading troughs from the peaks, tidily synchronise such things as income and payment patterns and maximise business performance.